Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hart Albin's is still providing this crocheter with supplies

Last week I put the tablecloth on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. I crocheted it several years ago when I thought that knitting in the summer was "a crazy thing to do" because wool was just to hot to handle in the middle of a Montana summer. Now I know - just crank up the air conditioning baby!
The project had originated when Karen, our now retired school secretary, gave me two boxes of cotton thread that she had found at an estate sale.The previous owner had intended to make a bedspread, and started a small bit of what was obviously to be a big project. (I will someday complete her pieces - possibly into a table runner.) 
I have the receipt for this purchase in a safe place - just wish I could remember where. The boxes of thread were bought for under $30 in the mid 1940’s at the leading department store in Billings, Hart Albin. So, although the tablecloth is less than 10 years old, the cotton thread that it was crocheted with is 60 years old and there is plenty of thread to make more treasures!
Founded in 1902 and closing in 1990, this family owned department store was in the center of downtown Billings.

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