Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting your birthday wish

Today is my Mom's birthday.  She was a great mom and others saw what a great gal she was, too. Mom was often the recipient of heartfelt gifts both large and small. One of her most memorable birthday gifts came from a complete stranger.

In Montana your driver's license expires on your birthday. It's supposed to be a silent reminder. This particular year Mom's license was up for renewal and being a good citizen, down to the office she went. The gal behind the counter was surprised to see her on her birthday and asked what she wanted for her big day.

Without missing a beat Mom replied, "To be five years younger!"

They both laughed and agreed how nice that would be.

Several weeks later when the new drivers license arrived in the mail, Mom opened the envelope and was delighted to see she had received a late birthday gift, the gal behind the counter had given Mom her wish - she was indeed five years younger!

Mom never changed her birth date to the correct year. I think it was one of her favorite gifts, it certainly gave us chuckles over the years and a smile on her face every time she pulled out her license!
A little cheese cake in the 40s

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