Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Duis Sisters

Just a bit of advice, label the photos you have!

In the box from my aunt there were several photos of young girls, taken in Bruning Nebraska. This is where my Grandmother grew up. Her father, Jurden Duis owned and ran a store in Bruning over 100 years ago.

I believe they are several of the Duis sisters.

Tetje(Katie) Duis Middendorf, Altje(Ollie) Duis, Emma Duis, Margaretha (Maggie, Margaret) Duis Murphy, Maria Helena Duis Wilhelms, there were other sisters who died at an early age: Christina (9 years old when she died), Ida (16 years old when she died), Linda (11 years old when she died). Unfortunately I have no idea who is who! I would appreciate any help!

I believe these are photos of my Grandmother, Margaret Duis Murphy:

(I was told that this is a photo of Margaret and now have an original.)
This is how I remember my Grandmother:
She grew up speaking German but refused to speak the language around us. My mom encourage her to teach us but she refuse to because she spoke "low" German.

Her mother's maiden name was Schmidt. However during WWI the family changed it to Smith.

Grandma would rotate from one of her children's families to another, spending 6 month stints with each. When she came to our house I would move from my bedroom, it never bothered me until my tiny little room was painted a lovely lavender, with a white bedspread, and Priscilla curtains. Oh, how I loved this bedroom - just big enough for a twin bed, and dresser! (When we sold the house I was furious to hear the man who bought it say to his wife that the only room in the house they'd have to paint was MY bedroom!)

When I was in the 6th grade Mom worked part time, Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoons. When Grandma came to say she'd do the cooking which would usually include sauerkraut and mashed potatoes for one meal of the three days.

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