Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Knitting Review

Socks: 10 pairs
Mittens: 1 pair
Fingerless Gloves: 13 pairs
Sweaters: 16
Shawls and Shawlettes:8
Scarfs: 3
Baby Blankets: 2
Misc: 3
Neck warmer: 1
     Grand total of knit in 2011:  64 items

Favorite knitted item: The Pirate's  pirate sweater II, because he loves it so!
"Looks the same."
"Smells like Grandma."
"What's better than having a pirate sweater? Having two!"
Favorite photo of a knitted item: Because it was such a totally dorky thing to do!
Hawaii 2011
Craziest thing knit this year:  No need to explain!
Craziest remark about my knitting: When asked what her parents are like the California Dreamin' gal says: "Well my dad kills rattlesnakes with a bow and arrow and my mom knits sweaters for her ipod!"
Favorite handspun item: Because they were my first attempt at spinning.
Monkey mitts and Miss Sadie's scarfette

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