Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first hand spun projects

Roving turned into yarn right before my eyes! It was a bit of a surprise not to begin spinning perfect yarn. All the years I've been knitting allows me to know exactly the yarn I want to use. Shouldn't I be able to spin it instantly? For a while I thought the yarn would only be used for a pillow for Nikko!
When Rosalinda arrived at the house, I vowed all yarn produced would be knit into items. Quickly I learned to order 8 ounces of roving or braid. It isn't easy to find something to knit when you have less than 200 yards of yarn! Thanks to Ravelry, I found two patterns for the new spun yarn.
Monkey Mitts
Fingerless Mitts by Alisa Bluesunflower
Needle size: US 6
MY handspun yarn: 80 yards of Marl, just a bit of Ivory and Red

Miss Sadie's Scarflette by Sara Kay
MY handspun yarn: less than 130 yards
Needle Size: 13

I thought this garter stitch cowl pattern would "cover up the yarn's flaws" but I think the stockinette stitch in the mitts made a better finished project.

I'm a long way from a perfect skein of yarn but each time I sit down the yarn gets finer and finer! I already have another 4 ounces on the spinning wheel!

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