Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just hanging out

At the beginning of their visit the grandkiddos went into town to get snowboots for the North Dakota winter that is sure to be arriving. While driving home they made their parents promise that was the only time they would have to leave Gramma and Grandpa's house. (Tiger calls it "Montana")

You might wonder what they did for the next 5 days out in the country but they were very happy, busy children. One afternoon was warm enough for lunch in the playhouse resulting in a "Store Sale" (Turkey feathers $1), another afternoon was spent doing Melty Beads, Sadie made the Christmas napkin holders we will be using in a few weeks.
Tiger loves the Legos,
hot chocolate was a hit,
the DS was often hidden away...
tooling leather with Grandpa...
sometimes a little reluctantly!

And Grandma's favorite...decorating the house for Christmas!! Thank you so much for your help Sadie Lou Who and Tiger!!

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