Monday, November 28, 2011

Henry Weaver

In October I wrote about the Weavers, a family in my husband's ancestry. (Were my inlaws outlaws?) Last Friday I was excited to see that I had received a comment to this post:

C. Wilson said...
This blog is very interesting to come across. Henry Weaver was the first husband of my great-great grandfather's older sister, Lucretia McCutchan. I have a photo of Henry, Lucretia and Adelbert (their son that was named after who is being called Adel and Dell in a lot of the articles). That photo was taken probably just a few months before the vigilante attack took place, 
Henry, Lucretia and Adelbert Weaver
and I have a picture of just Henry Weaver as well. Henry had a daughter that was born not long before he was killed - her name was Henrietta. Let me know if you'd like to see the photos. 
PS- They'll eventually be posted in my genealogy and history blog.  (journey back in time genealogy)
This was such an exciting post, internet is so great! This information causes me to wonder:
*People name their children after people they respect and trust. If Henry and Lucretia named their son after the very man that cost Henry his life, there must be even more to the story than missing a party where you were to play the fiddle or a family out to grab land. 
(C. Wilson, 
We need to figure out a way to correspond privately. I will immediately take this photo off the blog if you wish, just leave a comment! If you have no problem with it's posting, THANK YOU! I would love to continue to piece this story together. The True West story has a third and different rendition.)

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