Saturday, October 22, 2011

Madam Rosalinda Louet has come to stay

Madam Rosalinda Louet

There's a new addition to the family! Since the 70's Rosalinda has been just a glimmer in my eye.  I've wanted to learn to spin but I'm so frugal that unless I know with absolute certainty I will use something that costs as much as a spinning wheel, I'll do without. However, since I started to watch and listen to pod casts the itch has once again resurfaced with a vengeance and this time I decided to take action. "When I retire and have more time," could have easily been my easy way out but the stronger nudge was, "If you don't do it now, you may not think you can afford a spinning wheel when you retire."

A big concern I had about spinning was - if I spin it will take away from my knitting time. I'll be honest, I knit so much that my fingers and wrists on both arms hurt most all the time, a quiet ache that I try to ignore with pretty good success.

I'm totally addicted knitting, and an addiction is very hard to curtail.  I love the process: finding a pattern, picking out the yarn, knitting and producing a finished product. Before I am even finished with the project in hand, I begin dreaming about the next. When I find a pattern I want to use, I envision the process the creator went through in its writing. The ins, outs, and possible problems within the pattern. Now added to this process I hope I will soon be starting with picking out of the fleece and spinning it into the perfect yarn for the pattern I plan to knit and produce into a finished product.

I've had a long argument with myself, going back and forth listing pros and cons, but finally talking myself into believing that I could continue to knit for the kiddos and spin for accessories. I'm hoping that the difference in the movements between knitting and spinning will give my hands some rest. Also, I'll be checking off something on my bucket list as well!

Madam Rosalinda Louet, had taken a few spins around the block before she arrived at the house yesterday. She has been staying with her namesake who is an expert spinner and knitter.

Spinning takes practice just like riding a bike, so in the effort to become a spinner I'm going to try to spin 10 minutes everyday - really I think I can take that much away from my knitting! Madam Louet and I are getting on great!

Ever the frugal one, I am planning a pair of mitts with my first spun yarn - good, bad or ugly, I just can't wait to show you!

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Sarah said...

So glad to hear that it started off well!! I can't wait to see the first mitt with your spun yarn.