Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation Knitting

Scott, The Oregonian, admitted voicing his wish to learn knit was initially just to humor me but he soon caught the knitting bug. He was surprised how relaxing it is to knit.....
First attempt
He began knitting on Sunday afternoon and finished the cap on Tuseday, an outstanding student!

Just wanting a warm noggin' 
He'd like to make several more hats and move on to socks! Yea, I hope I have created a knitter!

I had been working of on a pair of mitts when The Oregonian told me he really liked the socks I had made him a couple of years ago but he kept them for "special" because he didn't want anything to happen them. WOW! Any knitter knows that if they have a recipient like that, you knit for them! I started on a pair immediately...
Pattern: Donna's Easy Socks
Yarn: Austermann Step (from the Mariners Stitch and Pitch)
 Colorway:Self striping in black, brown and denim
Amount: 0ne Skein
Needles: US size 2

Misako kindly found the sweater that I had knit Scott when he was a baby. Mom had carefully lined it with fleece so that The Oregonian could wear it throughout the cold Montana winter. This is the first project I remember knitting and certainly the oldest project of mine to have survived....
The Scottie dogs are white not the usual black in honor of our dog at the time, Willie, a West Highland Terrier. I loved the dog dearly but Scott does not remember him with such fondness probably because he got stuck dealing with the "mature" dog and I was a young bride living hours away!

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Kathy said...

Hey, Judy! My sisters and I just returned from the chilly north Oregon coast where we played in Astoria, lounged on the beaches, and visited Fort Clatsop. I thought about our Lewis and Clark class and told some of the stories we heard. We need to chat about our parallel adventures!