Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There's a new "old" project in the works

The Pirate's sweater should have been thrown overboard sometime ago but he loves it so and the captain of the crew (Mom) can't ever seem to get it off his back. I was surprised when we were on a walk and someone stopped us to compliment The Pirate on his sweater. The California Dreamin' Gurl says it happens quite often, she thinks its because the sweater is obviously much loved AND he wears it in the 75 degree weather. They asked if someone had made it for him and his reply was to sweetly tip his little face up to look at me lovingly!

During the visit I tried a quick fix on the cuff of the left sleeve, it's now about an inch shorter than the right cuff.

Before I arrived he told his parents that he was going to ask me to make him two more pirate sweaters: one JUST like the current sweater, then another just a liiiiitle bit bigger! I asked if I could knit the new sweater a different color, perhaps navy...red....gray? But he wants it in the same yarn or as close as possible. Don't worry Pirate, I went to the LYS and got JUST the same yarn! I'm gong to start the sweater today and hope that I can complete it before school starts, I'm sure the staff at school will be appreciative!
 The Pirate with his two favorite things, "Lank" and The Sweater!

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Sarah said...

It sounds like a very good thing that Gramma is hooking the Pirate up with a new treasure!