Friday, August 12, 2011

One to check off the bucket list

The California Dreamin' Gurl asked if I would like to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. My immediate response surprised her. I didn't agree to the walk but said I'd have to give it some thought. I had visions of a chainlink type railing and a walkway that would allow you to peer straight down into the bay! I did later agree to going there and perhaps walking across if I deemed it safe and secure. One step on the bridge and I knew the walk would be fine...
 It was a great 1.7 mile walk across the bay. The only worry, avoiding bicycles and oncoming pedestrians. Once we were across I snapped this pic, you can see how excited the kiddos were once they realized they had to walk the 1.7 miles back to the car!
I didn't even know this walk was on my bucket list until it was accomplished! California Dreamin' Gurl, I'm so glad you thought to ask me!
Dahlias for Jo to enjoy!


Adie said...

The two times I've had the chance to take that walk, the wind was so bad that they were recommending that people not do it...guess I'll just have to head back and give it another try!

Congrats on the check mark to your bucket list:)

jo said...

Outstanding dahlias! I've never seen any others with such interesting inner petals. So glad you had time to get this shot.

Sarah said...

I'm impressed!! I had a bit of trouble walking over the Areal Lift Bridge in Duluth over the weekend. And your walk over the Golden Gate Bridge put my walk to shame!