Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On the Oregon Trail

For the last week and a half I've been making the rounds visiting the Pacific Coast Families. My first stop was to see The Oregonians. The weather was outstanding, and Mount Hood was beautiful as I flew in:
Mt. Hood
I had a great time in Astoria. The family really kept me busy. The first day we went hiking. A six mile hike from Fort Clatsop to the Pacific Ocean through beautiful forests and meadows.
Misako, Sam, Joe and Scott
Each night we played games. They introduced me to Ticket to Ride, and I introduced them to Left Center Right adding interest by using nickels!

Misako fixed some favorites dinners of mine including pork chow mien. We also had fish and chips at The Bowpicker, which is a local favorite and mine too.

In Oregon looking across the Columbia to Washington

Another day we went to the beach and enjoyed sitting and watching the boys play in the sand with the pelicans gliding by with very little effort.

Thanks family for a great time!

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