Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Charity knitting 2011

The end of summer is crashing down around me I had planned one last Wednesday visit to the yarn shop for charity knitting. This summer I have been spending most Wednesday afternoons with a group of ladies that I have become very attached to, The Charity Knitting Group. On Monday night I realized that I had a committee meeting at school and will me unable to attend, a sure sign that summer is at an end.......

Since Christmas, I spent most of my lunches at school knitting this charity blanket. When summer came I decided to carry it over into Charity Knitting Group. Only allowing myself to knit it on Wednesdays. I would prefer to knit a project and get it over with so this proved to be a good lesson for me, patience!

It is finally done as is the summer. This coming year I'm going to knit baby booties!

Pattern: Modern Baby Blanket
Yarn: Red Heart Acrylic
Colorway: Pink, bisque, eggshell, rose brown
Needle size: US 8

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