Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wyoming John, named MVP

Our good Wyoming friends, Kendy and John, have been on vacation. Flying to Alaska, a train ride through Denali National Park and way up to North Pole Alaska, then a cruise back to the lower 48 with a stop in Seattle see their daughter, rockyroadknitter.

Rockyroadknitter asked if the Wyomingites wanted to go to Stitch and Pitch Night to see a Mariners game. At $15 a ticket they were all over it! It was amazing to hear that there was an entire section of knitters at the game having a great time. The two non-knitting Wyomingites just sat there watching the game, although someone tried to get John to take over the knitting of a sock!

During the seventh inning stretch it was announced that an entire row in the Stitch and Pitch section had each won a door prize and it was the very row my friends were sitting in! John made a big deal, exaggerating excitement about the win and later learned he had been featured on the large screen in the outfield! Rockyroadknitter kept her bag, Kendy gave hers to a friend who wants to learn to knit and John brought his home and gave it to me! Just take a look at all the goodies...
A project bag, crochet hooks and holder, sock yarn, a pair of bamboo needles, scissors, tape measure, a How To Book and a great project book entitled, Knitting at Home.

Slam, a homerun! Thanks John, you really took one for the team!

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Sarah said...

Oh, just picturing John on the big screen brings a smile to my face. That is quite the bag of goodies he passed along to you!!