Friday, July 1, 2011

Old Blue

The NorDakPurl Gurl commented on yesterday's post:
"Your newly knit blanket is in much better condition than the VERY much loved "bluie"!! I hope the next little one finds even half as much comfort it their blanket as your grandson found in his!"

The Tiger truly loves his blanket - the second one since his birth. As a baby he had it with him for naps, nighttime and comfort. Once when he was visiting The Tiger became sick in the middle of the night, up chucking everywhere including Bluie.

The NorDakPurl Gurl paniced because this had happened at home and caused quite a problem. The Tiger had insisted on sitting atop the washer and dryer (with a bucket in hand) while his friend Bluie was cleaned. An hour long process was made to seem much longer by having a tired momma standing in the basement with a sick baby in the middle of the night.

However, being the ever resourceful Gramma that I am, I had recently finished another circular blanket. I quickly went to my "handknit gift drawer" and pulled it out. Handing the new blanket to The Purl Gurl I said, "DON"T turn on the light!!" It was only later that she realized the temporary Bluie was white. In the morning The Baby Tiger looked at the blanket in his crib and was rather please to see a different color!

When BlueII was knit I wasn't sure there would be an easy transfer of affection but The Tiger was so happy to see a new improved model of Bluie that he never looked back! At that time I also made "Mini-Blue" thinking it would be easier to carry around - it didn't work and I have no idea were mini-blue is these days!
Last March Tiger's sister had a veterinary birthday party. On the invitations the kiddos attending were asked to bring their favorite stuffed animal to the party for some "doctoring". The Tiger wanted to bring Bluie but his momma was finally able to to convince him that Fred was a better choice.
The Tiger has told me, "Momma says I must take care of Bluie, you won't make me another." Just asked baby boy!

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