Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MBI Conference 2011

This week I'm spending time with my coworkers at a MBI Conference (Montana Behavior Intervention) in Bozeman, Montana. There are many changes in store for our district: new principal, new vice principal, the school joining the MBI group - meaning new guidelines for students and teachers. What an exciting and challenging time for all of us!
Our Fearless Leaders: Mike and Don
We arrived Sunday night beginning the conference bright and early Monday and continuing through Friday morning. Yesterday, after a full day of lecture, many in the group decided to take a short drive and hike to a local waterfall. It was the first full day of summer and very much needed.
Even on the 21st of June snow can easily be found in Montana!
Barb, Sharon, Stephanie (In back) Stephanie, Kim, Me, Don, Mike, Heather
The wildflowers were blooming:
Shooting stars
 Beautiful scenery:

 You're never to old for a good snowball fight!
Leave it to a bunch of teachers to break The Number One Rule on a Montana school playground:  
A great way to end the first day of summer!

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