Saturday, June 4, 2011

The first day of summer vacation

Rule number one: Don't get out of bed until 7:00 am. I was up at 5:30 this morning with a cup of coffee, my knitting, holding a cat, and watching The Knit Girllls. Oh my...
Rule number two: First thing in the morning - exercise. I'm sitting on the couch blogging after two hours of knitting, drinking coffee and watching old episodes of The Knit Girls. Hmmmm, exercise can and will happen - later.

Rule number three: Don't stress.  No judging ANYTHING! 8:00 am:  I realize that, Wow, udontcallmeles is my VBF Jo, and I'm lala incarnate ("you don't call me les" and  lala are the hosts on The Knit Girllls). Udontcallmeles loves intricate patterns, fitting the sweaters to individual bodies, and adding cables or whatever where ever she wants. She loves to have several projects going at one time. Udontcallmeles has a stash that never ends.  Lala (my twin) must have socks that are "matchy matchy" - the colorway on stripy yarns must line up.  She has a very small stash, She buys yarn, knits it up THEN buys more yarn! She is monogamous with her knitting, one project at a time! And just loves to knit (purling not so much)

Rule number four:  Don't over analyze.  Go with the flow.  As I read rule number three I realized I've mixed up some of Lala and udontcallmeles' characteristics. Yes, I  definitely put some of Lala's characteristics with Jo and assigned others belonging to Udontcallmeles to myself.  Perhaps because I watch their podcast and have my own knitting buddy, The Knit Girllls will allow me to have free reign deciding their individual personality attributes. The Knit Girllls probably wouldn't like that OR would they think it's fine? Should I write The Knit Girllls and ask them what they think? Should I delete rule number three?

Rule number five: Eat healthy. ...........

RULE NUMBER SIX: NO RULES!! I'm doing what I dang well please this summer!


Lina said...

LOL! Have a fun summer! It sounds like you will especially if you follow rule number 6. ;)


leslie said...

Hahaha I was reading rule number three thinking - whaaaaaaa? So glad you're enjoying the show and I love your sense of humor. :)