Thursday, June 23, 2011

A bowl filled with popcorn, yarn, and memories

My Dad worked in management for the railroad. His heart belonged to the Northern Pacific but eventually our stomachs were filled by the Burlington Northern along with a one way ticket around the Pacific Northwest.

I had just finished my first year at the U of M when we pulled up stakes and move from Missoula, Montana, a place that I love dearly. This remains one of the last hippy holdouts in America and probably the world. A very unique place in the mountains.

We had several great friends that we left behind, one of my favorite families lived two houses down from us. I babysat the kiddos so much that the youngest started calling me Momma. (I didn't babysit the kiddos for a few weeks until the little one got priorities straight in her little noodle) When we moved our family recieved a gift from this family, a large wooden bowl. It was intended for popcorn - evidently everyone in the neighborhood knew the large amount of popcorn that we consumed on a Sunday night when we'd gather around the TV for Gunsmoke, and Disneyland, two hours of quality viewing.

When we received the bowl it was painted bright kitchen yellow. Mom, ever creative and informed in the current trendy painting method, antiqued it avocado green! And avocado green it will forever be...
We all loved that bowl and I have ended up with it. Last week I was searching around for something to store yarn in this summer as I try to needle my way through Christmas knitting. I brought out the old wooden bowl and began filling it with yarn when I noticed Mom's fingerprints along the inside of the bowl.  Creativity is a messy process! It was yet another wonderful reminder of my mom.

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