Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The benefits of being a Gramma!

A couple of days ago I received  a letter by snail mail from Sadie Lou. Also enclosed was a book that she had written with the following dedication:

 The letter included the following drawing, Sadie knows her Grandma well!
 Today I received an email from the California Dreamin' Gurl:
"The pirate sweater thing is beginning to be a bit of a problem with Cameron - it must have been 85 degrees today and the second graders all went to the park for a field trip and he still wouldn't take it off!  Looking back at the photos from this year he has been wearing it more or less non-stop since October!  He told me it makes him feel secure and reminds him of Gramma.  I'm pretty sure we need an intervention."
The Pirate in his sweater "bowling" earlier this spring
It's great to be appreciated by those you love!

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