Sunday, May 15, 2011

A windy weekend lets me breeze through some knitting.

This weekend has been windy and chilly. Years ago, when we lived closer to town I would plant my flowers on Mother's Day. Now that we live on the highest point in Yellowstone County there is a two week delay. I did dig in the dirt a little, and plant a pot of grass on the deck for the kitties to sit in.

After last summer's gigantic mucking out of the house it just needs a little "spiffing up." I decided to get the cleaning underway before school is out. I cleaned the kitchen, cupboards, pantry, walls and floor this yesterday. Yes, one room complete! I have every intention of cleaning the living, dining, and family rooms next weekend... we’ll see. It would be a great jump start to the summer.

I also had some time for knitting. I finished the last pair of socks that I'll be doing for awhile. I need to be starting the Christmas sweaters for the kiddos soon.
Pattern: Donna's Easy Socks
Yarn: Kroy, (Because I used Kroy yarn, I needed to be very careful. There is just enough in one skein to knit one sock so the stripes don’t match, but I’m done being flexible…next pair of socks will match in stripes!)
Color: Summer Moss Jacquards
Needles: Size 3

And I love this quick little knit for my ipod touch:
Pattern: ipod hoodie
Needles: Size US 3
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn
Color: Denim

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Suzanne said...

YaY!! Not matching socks! Oh well, I know it is NOT your preferred method but it did my heart good.